The Diocese of Portsmouth covers Hampshire, the Isle of Wight,
the Channel Isles and parts of Berkshire, Dorset and Oxfordshire

Welcome to the Portsmouth Diocese Church and community Blog. Name of our blog is to promote local causes businesses and general articles of interest to people in Portsmouth and other areas.

Local locksmith businesses do their bit for diocese of portsmouth and community

Responsibility for one’s community is a wonderful thing when it’s taken seriously by local companies, in this the function of businesses and church are the same. There are a range of things that local companies can do to help the people that surround them and who live near them, not only is this a benefit for the community but the businesses themselves also benefit from helping out and lending a hand. We have worked with a number of locksmiths, we usually find that businesses like a locksmith stockport are often the most generous with their time and funding because they work closely with people in the local community, therefore establishing a good name is essential to the running of their business.


Locksmith business can be particularly charitable

Companies like Sure Locks for example are happy to work with their local community for the benefit of everyone. So how exactly does business work with the church and is there a conflict of interest? The answer is no, when companies realise that they have a social responsibility as well as a business orientated one, then the church can serve as the perfect medium to do good. Through funds from local businesses, diocese of portsmouth, churches and parishes are able to put on fundraising events and other community activities, so if a locksmith company then wishes to advertise at these events is to the mutual benefit of everyone involved.

It’s not just local businesses either, churches are accepting funding from reputable businesses across the country like from a locksmith Northampton. So if you want to make donations to your local church or diocese, I’m sure it would be warmly welcomed.

Church Renovation – Getting help from a skip hire companies

Churches and Diocese like any businesses have limited budgets and amounts of they can spend in a certain year, it is for this reason that they often depend upon the help of local businesses in the area to provide services. The local businesses themselves can sometimes offer lower rates or indeed charitable services, to give the churches in their area a helping helping hand. An example of this is a particular skip company used in a recent church renovation, Apex Skip Hire are a great example of a company that has worked with local churches to provide Skip hire Stoke on Trent. Skip Hire in Stoke-on-Trent is particularly important because the churches are mostly post-war and are in great need of renovation. As you would imagine renovation of such large buildings often generates a lot of waste, which a great deal skips are needed for.

Hiring a skip in Stoke on Trent and Derby

Similar to previously industrial towns such as Stoke-on-Trent, skip hire Derby and the churches in those areas have also depended on local waste disposal companies to donate charitable work for the renovation of the buildings. In future blog posts, we will have pictures of these renovations and the companies that helped lend a hand when the churches were in need. It is important too tat even though the businesses and companies themselves are donating their work charitably, builders working on the churches still need a dependable skip hire service and therefore using a company that will pick up and collect skips on time is just as important.

portsmouth hiring a skip

So what are some Skip hiring tips that we’ve picked up in our experience of working with these companies? First and foremost you need to make sure that you get a skip hire permit from the relevant authorities in your area. So if you’re in Lincoln you would need to contact the waste and environmental office in Lincoln and ask them how much and how long a skip hiring permit is going to take to be issued. Be sure to check the relevant Skip hiring laws to.